15.0 BALLS

15.1 All matches shall start with a new ball provided by the home team.

15.2 The Dunlop High Altitude (green dot) ball will be the official ball for Men’s 1st, Reserve, and 2nd league as well as Ladies 1st leagues and is to be used for the entire season. All remaining leagues (i.e. Men’s 3rd league and lower and Ladies 2nd league and lower) will be required to use the High Altitude ball from 1st September of the current year until 30 April of the following year.

15.3 The Dunlop, Wilson or Prince Double Yellow dot ball as approved by Squash SA, shall be used in all league matches (Men’s 4th league and lower and Ladies 2nd league and lower) from 01 May to 31 August of the current year.

15.4 If two players from opposing teams agree, then they may play their match using whichever ball/s the two players agree to use. If in the event that both players do not agree, then the prescribed ball for that time period, as per rule 15.2 and 15.3. If the home team cannot provide the ball required for that period, then the visiting team may claim the points for that particular fixture/s and or the match.