End of year results 2017


Thank you to everyone for a very successful league season this year!!

Congratulations to the following winners and runners up! And well done to all league players for a good year!!

The annual dinner/prize giving will be held on the 22nd November – please let me know who will be attending.


     9th League: Winner Wanderers WN06 and  Second Chamber CE10

          8th League: Winner Chamber CE08 and Second Wendywood WW04

           7th League: Winner Soweto SQ02 and  Second Western Rackets WR05

            6th League: Winner Modderfontein MD04 and   Second Chamber CE07

               5th League: Winner Western Rackets WR04 and   Second Bryanston Bs05

4th League: Winner Jeppe JQ03 and  Second Wendywood

         3rd League: Winner Modderfontein Md02 and  Second Alberton AL03

  2nd League: Winner Parkview PV04 and  Second Randburg RB03

                     Reserve League: Winner Modderfontein MD01 and  Second Randburg RB02

             1st League: Winner Parkview PV01 and  Second Country Club JHB CCJ01


4TH League: Winner Chamber CE06 and Second Randburg RB03

         3rd League: Winner Randburg RB02 and  Second Modderfontein MD03

             2nd League: Winner Chamber CE01 and  Second Country Club JHB CCJ02

              1st League: Winner Country Club JHB CCJ01 and  Second Bryanston BS01

WannaBeez Tournament 2016 Final Results

What a Tournament…..

Go to http://www.chamberexiles.co.za and click on the photos down in the right hand column of the blog.
You will be taken to the Chamber Picasa WannabeEZ 2016 album.

John and Julie Shannon

Hi everybody (a little delayed but for the last time this year),

I hope you enjoyed the tournament and I heard that the finals night and Prize-giving was very entertaining and full of mayhem (Dave is apparently currently receiving physchological counselling for the abuse he received, especially from the ladies)

The Final Results spreadsheet is attached.

In summary:

Men’s C-Section:

Sakhi Dumakude                3            Des Ferreira               0

Men’s B-Section :

Chris van Heeswijk            3             Helena Kruger           0

Men’s A-Section:

David Kind                          3              Russel Holland         0

Ladies B-Section:

Ilse Karsten                       3             Chrisna van Antwerpen         1

Ladies A-Section:

Alison McFee                    3               Simone Burgesmeir   1

(This being probably the most entertaining and closely fought final on the night)

Least but not last………….well they were actually last………. were Ricky McIntrye in the Mens and Debbie Dale in the Ladies who received great prizes for their (eventually fruitless) efforts.

The Ladies were so well behaved this year that the Queen Bitch award  could not be awarded.

If anybody did not receive their Coffee Mug and Water Bottle please let me know and I will get them to you.

Finally, thanks to everybody for making the the WannabeEZ Challenge a success again. To Dave, Jae,  Phil and Chris for helping organise and a special thanks to all the sponsors (especially Helena for the finals food).

Also thanks to the volunteer markers who marked the finals and to Karolina for giving out the prizes. And lastly to Gary d’Alessandro for organizing the branded -Coffee Mugs and Water Bottles

Sponsors below.

Gauteng Squash
Richard Borain – Pro Kennex/ Rackets SA

Ants Training _Matium van Antwerpen

Jae Lee – Jam Architects
Kwik-fit -Peter le Roux
Food – Helena and the Tuscany Guest House
Silverfern Construction – Gerry O’Connor
Top-Spin – Flip van Antwerpen

George Palmer – Umhlanga Get-away

See you all next year hopefully