Central Gauteng Junior Squash is a non-profit organisation and all money received go back into developing junior squash in Gauteng. Central Gauteng Junior Squash offer primary and high school squash leagues and have a number of fun, provincial and national weekend tournaments being played throughout the year.

Once the players have participated in some of these tournaments the top Central Gauteng Juniors will get invited to play for Central Gauteng in the South African Junior Inter-provincials, which are held in July throughout the country. Lloyde Hanson is the club junior squash convenor & Central Gauteng executive member. Irene Maxton is the convenor of Central Gauteng Junior Squash.

All squash players must know the Rules of Squash. Please click on the following: Rules of Squash link in order to learn the Rules of Squash.

The CENTRAL GAUTENG JUNIOR SQUASH ASSOCIATION is NOT RESPONSIBLE for any injury or loss of property to any person suffered while warming up, practicing, traveling, playing, or participating in any Squash Related Activities for any reason whatsoever, including ordinary negligence.

Central Gauteng Junior Squash
Chair: Angie Clifton-Parks