Joburg Squash Ball Ruling
Men’s first, reserve and second league will play with the Green dot ball throughout the year. All other leagues will play with the Double Yellow dot ball from 01 May- 31 August and the Green dot ball from 01 September- 30 April.

Joburg Squash Online Refresher Course
Once completed please email your certificate to:
Please note that the online course is valid for one year whereas the Joburg Squash face-to-face Refresher Course is valid for two years.
League bonus point are awarded at the end of the league season for completing one of these courses (Rule 27.0).

2024 Updated Version of the JS League Rules
2024 Joburg Squash Men’s League

2023 Joburg Squash Men’s League
2023 Updated Version of the JS League Rules
2023 Joburg Squash Ladies’ League
2023 Joburg Squash League Results
2023 Joburg Squash Individual Awards
2023 Joburg Squash League Awards

2022 Men’s League Results

2022 Joburg Squash Ladies’ League
The direct link to the site is

2022 Joburg Squash Men’s League
The direct link to the site is

Please note that all of your players must be registered and paid up members of Squash SA on Sporty HQ.

Good luck for the 2022 season. Each club must please appoint a league representative to make sure to upload all of your league players’ names onto the SportyHQ website. All league results must be entered into Sporty HQ by the captains of the teams.

If you have any queries on how to use the SportyHQ website please email John and he will try to guide you.
John Shannon E-mail: