Coach The Coach Training Programme

Skills for Soweto, Braamfontein and township coaches, teachers, youth coaches & parents Mon 9 Aug

The time has come to coach and train the people involved with Soweto, Braamfontein and township squash.
We must not only provide the skills but also make sure that the training programme is fun for the coaches and fun for the kids to want to play the game.
I would like to see different courses available, basic training on the game, certified training so the people involved will be able to earn a living from the game in the future, courses focused on youth coaches and leaders who will make it fun to learn and teach the game.

In speaking to Sports coaches involved in these areas, they have advised that they run play ball and soccer and other forms of sport but tend to loose the kids at about 15 and they believe that squash could be a way to fill the gap.
The first in our series of courses will take place on Monday the 9th of August at Wanderers Squash Club from 9:30 to 12:30pm.

This session will focus on:
Intro to the game for the first time coach, teachers and parents.

Basic rules
Ball skills
Fun activities