Please see the notice from Paul Vermaak, our Covid Officer, below. It is really important that we still observe all the protocols, which are still in place.
As we all slow down, and take time to review the year, Squash South Africa, request that with the steadily increasing COVID positive numbers, that you be safe, take responsibility for your own health, and that of those around you. We further echo the President, in his family meeting last night, when we do want to see you all safely back and healthy next year (this won’t be the last Christmas for our players, friends and family).
The current National State of Disaster, remains at Level 1. To that end, we remind you that the following criteria remain in place for all squash (this includes returning to Squash in the New Year).
All COVID Protocols Remain in place
Screening on entry remains mandatory (clubs to keep these records for 6 months),
Total Numbers in a venue, are limited to 50% of capacity, or a maximum of 100 persons (which ever is smaller),
Masks are to be worn at all times (excluding whilst playing your match),
Sanitizer is still required in the club (provided by the club),
Social distancing rules, remain in place
Regular cleaning protocols for the clubs/ facility to remain in place,
Curfews are 10pm to 4am (staff can then cash-up and clean, etc, to make sure they’re home by 11pm).
Food (hot and cold), may still be sold according to Food & Beverage criteria, and
The sale of liquor is strictly governed by the terms of the facilities liquor license.
Breaching any of these rules, will result in the license being revoked.
Should you exhibit any of the symptoms, please self-isolate immediately, and if they worsen, seek medical guidance),
Failure to adhere to any of the above, may result in a fine and/or a prison sentence of up to 6 months.
ALL Facilities throughout the country may only operate if it has been authorised by Squash SA, to do so (the full list of approved clubs is on our website (Club’s Approval Status). Your club may be listed, but this does not mean it’s approved (check the last column)
All provinces and clubs are requested to ensure this criteria is met
All players taking part in squash activities are required to be paid up members of Squash SA (Player Registration, on SportyHQ). Your expiry of your 2019 registration, has been extended to April 2021.
SCHOOLS: as governed by the department of Basic Education (dBE), are required to have either:
Written approval for squash to commence from the dBE (specifically mentioning squash), or
Written approval from Squash SA, per the standard Squash SA club approval process
All the best, stay safe and see you in the New Year.