Gauteng Squash High Performance Programme

Aim to provide selected Gauteng Squash players with the mental and physical support structures that they need to excel.


Selected players will sign an agreement of participation for the program.

As this program is focused on providing Gauteng Squash with players that are fully equipped to excel to accomplish this we will select present and future squash stars to participate in the program. These will be selected by the HPP manger and the Jarvis/Kaplan selection committee and then ratified by the Gauteng Squash main committee.

The Gauteng Squash HPP will entail the following:
A sports psychology assessment and intervention

Session 1 – Team Building – 2 hours – Group

Session 2 – Introduction to Mental Skills and Sport Psychology – 1 hour – Group

Session 3 – Feedback of results – 30 min – Individual

Session 4 to 9 – Mental Skills – 1 hour – Group/Individual

Throughout the whole process – Maintenance and follow-up of mental skills – 30min to 1 hour – Individual

Other sessions to be considered:
Match preparation
Video analysis of game
Additional assessments
time varies – Group/Individual
Nutritional screening and education
initial consultation
follow up consultation
individual reports.
Sports science testing and interventions
Health, injury Risk and training Consultation
Ergological Evaluation
Muscular strength testing
Cardio-vascular fitness assessment
Explosive power
Muscular endurance
Speed and agility
Individualized Report
Intervention Program Design and demonstration
Sports vision testing and interventions
sports vision screening
sports vision evaluation
sports vision training
Strength and conditioning training

This will be done under the supervision of a conditioning coach and will follow a program designed around the athletes needs as determined by the outcomes of the sports science testing.