Long-distance running has its proverbial loneliness. As enjoyable as other exercises may be there remains that troublesome relationship between gain
and pain.

Squash, though, seems to be the way to get fit while having fun. To the uninitiated, a game calls for two players, in a white box otherwise known as a court, to smack a small, hot, black projectile against all four walls. And sometimes each other. The aim is to infuriate your partner by reaching every shot without moving from far from the central T painted in red on the court floor, while he or she runs madly from corner to corner before collapsing in a wet heap.

Tennis fans like to suggest that squash is for frustrated tennis players who just can’t keep the ball in court. Ask the squash players and they’ll tell you they like their racquet sports to be fast, furious and rowdy. If you prefer something more polite, they’ll suggest, try tennis. What’s to be gained from it, though?

Cardiovascular fitness and endurance, say the medical experts.

A good game will have you running, leaping and diving for the ball. And probably very red in the face. You’ll gain leg and butt strength. And the next day you’ll feel the burn from lunging for the ball. You’ll gain flexibility and strength in the back and abdomen from all those twists and turns.
You’ll release stress. There’s nothing like whacking a ball to get rid of any anger. Yet while squash develops speed, endurance, agility and co-ordination, the average length of of a match between two recreational players is just 40 minutes.

Believe it. Squash is one of the fastest and most athletic sports. Its popularity is due in large part to the intensively competitive workout it generates in a short time. It’s the perfect sport for busy people.

More than 15-million men and women in 122 nations enjoy it and the numbers are increasing. The game can be mentally and physically toturous but at the end of the game you’ll be satisfied, exhilirated. And probably a little tired.
And In time, you’ll be fit. And you’ll have had a lot of fun.