Joburg Squash Club Chairman and Players,

Squash SA Registration Fee: R150

The Squash SA Covid-19 Return-to-Play regulations clearly stipulate that all players, whether social, league, provincial, junior or professional must be registered with Squash South Africa on the Sporty HQ website in order for them to be able to play squash again (Return-to-Play).  If your players are not registered with Squash SA they must not be allowed back on court. Players are also not allowed to play tournaments, leagues, socially or any other event that is associated with squash if they are not registered with Squash SA.

Squash was the 3rd Sport in the country able to Return to Play. Squash SA worked tirelessly for 3 months drafting together with Department of Sports Art and Culture in achieving squash to be able to return to play.

Listed below are some of the things that you get for you R150:
Full-time Squash SA Staff Reachable 5 days a Week (011 442-8056)
Updated Website:
Updated Facebook Page:
Coaching Courses
Refereeing Courses
Arbitrate Disputes
Inter-Provincial Tournaments
Nationals Tournaments
National Team Tours (World Team Champs)
Squash Development

Please click on the links below to view the following:
Individual Registration Fees Document
Squash SA Report 2020

Your registration fee of only R150 goes a long way ensuring that squash is kept alive and well in South Africa. There could be serious ramifications for the club/ player if they are found to be in breach of the above regulations and I urge all players to register with Squash SA:


Gary Plumstead
Joburg Squash Chairman