2022 Growthpoint IPT Results

Attention all players interested in participating in the Growthpoint IPT 2022
This year we invite any and all players to make themselves available for the Growthpoint IPT from 11-15
July in East London. In order to be eligible for selection the following criteria will be a non negotiable.
1. You need to make yourself available in writing, to sheldonje@gmail.com or via WhatsApp to 072 837-8824. This must be done by no later than Tuesday the 1st of March 2022. No late submissions will be accepted.
2. A deposit of R1000 is to be paid by the 31st of March. This deposit will be refunded if you are not selected
and will be kept if you drop the team at the last minute without a valid reason, such as injury, work commitments etc. If you are selected it will go towards your tournament cost.
3. Participation in the Joburg Open and Closed. In the past we have been lenient here but this year it will be enforced. Again, excluding extenuating circumstances. (Injury, work etc. A weekend away does not count.)
4. Participation in the Joburg League. We will monitor this.
5. Taking part in all fundraising events. This is also a non-negotiable and will be monitored this year.
6. Attending at least 75% of all training sessions.
Once we have an indication from all players available, we will draw up a Joburg IPT Ladder. This will
commence as of the 5th of March 2022. We will send out separate ladder rules as soon as we have all the
players available. All rules will be enforced this year with no exceptions other than medical, work or
extenuating circumstances will be accepted.
If there is any issue with any of the above requirements, especially the deposit please get in touch with me,
and we can make a plan. Don’t just stay away. We want as many players as possible! Everyone is welcome.
Thank You
Sheldon Erasmus
072 837 8824
Jarvis Committee